Scientific goals

Support the development of innovative observation methods

Promote the development of innovative scientific instruments within the platform. To allow the implementation of these instruments in real conditions in order to validate/test new concepts of means of observation in relation to the platform’s scientific themes, with a strong interest in transportable instruments with the aim of participating in measurement campaigns.

Understanding atmospheric processes while including instrumental synergies

The complementarity of measurements (in situ, remote sensing and satellite) is important because it provides information on the chemical composition and dynamics of the atmosphere at local and regional scales: in situ observations measure the atmosphere very precisely at the local scale, while profile measurements provide information at the regional scale and on the transport of pollutants.
The QUALAIR platform’s own infrastructure allows for the co-location of observation resources within the framework of atmospheric observation campaigns in order to promote instrumental synergies, which are a key element in the understanding of atmospheric processes

Confirm space-based observations

By focusing on vertical profile and integrated column measurements, the QUALAIR platform is a crucial validation site for satellites, particularly in cities where there are many emission sources.

Share knowledge

QUALAIR’s presence on the Sorbonne University research and teaching campus allows us to develop numerous educational activities and thus to share and disseminate our knowledge of atmospheric sciences and other basic scientific disciplines (optics, signal processing, spectroscopy, environment). The QUALAIR team actively contributes to teaching activities (practical work, visits).