Provide operation and maintenance and support the development of observation facilities of the instrumental park

These observations means can be in operation and installed, in the short or long term, within the own infrastructure or in the field, within the framework of perennial observations and/or observation campaigns, in connection with the research and development activities of the QUALAIR team. The means of observation of the instrumental park are either commercial or original, i.e. developed internally by the partner structures.

To adapt and implement the means of observation of the instrumental park during measurement campaigns coordinated by the scientific community within the platform’s own infrastructure or in the field.
To enable and coordinate the reception of instruments housed within the platform’s own infrastructure and to promote their smooth operation during campaigns.
Make certain transportable observation equipment from the instrumental park available to the scientific community for measurement campaigns.


Contribute to measurement campaigns

AMICA measurement campaign


Save, share and validate data

To save the raw data generated by the instrumental park in operation, to validate them and to prepare them for their scientific uses and/or their transmission via the AERIS data centre and/or the national and international atmospheric observation networks (e.g. AERONET, ACTRIS, NDACC, TCCON).

Hosting and/or carrying out educational, information and teaching activities at the request of the QUALAIR team and users (educational visits, practical work).


Support educational activities